Monday, May 31, 2004

I need a shower!

Yes you heard me I need a bath, last complete bath I had was thousands of years ago, since the good days of the flood I didn't get the chance to wash all the garbage these little people leave on me.

They never appreciate me,they keep complaining and sometimes I lose my patient with them and in anger I through on them a sand storm or a great flood from my two rivers that was forcing them to leave me for a while but they kept coming back, with time they get smarter and they get accustomed to my sand storms, heat waves, and floods. But they never left me alone and with time I start to love them.

who are my people? They are like a rainbow of differences, some they are here since the start 8000 years ago, some they just arrived few hundreds years ago but for me they are equal but some of them more equal than others!!

Letting them plant there food in my soul and drink from my water and sock my blood, with time they become me and I become them, I belong to them and they belong to me, I need a bath but not a regular bath with water but a deferent kind of bath.


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