Thursday, June 03, 2004

There is hope umm I think

I was surfing in other blogs about IRAQ in these critical times and I get interesting story to share with you:

it is a soldier blog and he has a very interesting story:
There is a sheikh in the area around my base who is blind. He is sort of the head sheikh for the area. Anyways his son had his leg blown off somehow a bit ago by the US or Coalition Forces.
The sheikh was not happy about this, and was stirring the pot, so to speak over it. The result was there were some problems in the area. One of the units here sent a Civil Affairs officer to "make amends" with the family and to try to smooth things over. Simple enough.
The Officer goes to meet with the blind sheikh and his family, over lunch. Well during the lunch the officer falls asleep (Bad form). The people at the lunch notice that the officer is asleep and go to wake him up.
When they do this, the officer gets startled and freaks out. Maybe he was having a bad dream, and the sight of a bunch of Iraqis crowded around him set him off, who knows? Anyways the officer in his panic, draws his pistol and fires a shot which hits the Shiekhs son (who already lost his leg) in the face, goes through him and hits an Iraqi Civil Defense soldier in the back.
Needless to say the Civil Affairs mission was not a success. Im not sure how the US is going to smooth this over?


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