Tuesday, August 31, 2004

New vocabulary Words In Liberated ME

Car Bombs: not really new since there was a couple of them in mid nineties of the last century, they were send proudly by the current PM Ayad Allawi.

beheading: not really new since the Fedaeen used to execute deserters with this method starting by the year 2000.

kidnapping: not really new since the beshmerga used it to get money from civilians in off mountains villages since 1970. But the new is asking for political demands in exchange of releasing the kidnapped person or they will use another new vocabulary (beheading) to punish the government if they didn't obey.

rebuilding: not really new since the Iraqis used to rebuild there country after every carpet bombing in the past 15 years.

Alsadr: not really new since the assassination of the late wise father but the new is the son who managed to had no common thing with his ancestors except the name.

suicide Bombing: not really new since the ex president used to sent $ 10.000.00 to the family of each Palestinian bomber and declare them as freedom fighters.

Wahhabis: not really new since they used to attack Iraqi cities in the south west of the Euphrates valley for the past two centuries.

Freedom: not really new since it could at any time be found OUT side ME, but nobody could find it till now in ME.

Democracy: not really new since everybody new it an believe that it is a dream he will not see in his life time.

improvise road side bomb: not really new since the bombing of the convoy of the-still-at-large Azzat Ebrahim in mid nineties.

I thought that I can find new vocabulary but looks that it is all old, but they where hidden and all what the US did is bringing them to the surface...

Stay safe from these new deadly words and if you see that I missed some please fell free to inform me, because it is getting too complicated for an old guy like me to get it all!!!!


At 5:18 AM, Blogger emigre said...

Weblogging; not really new in web terms (where one week = several months) but relatively new if one is speaking in terms of your lifetime (8000 years as it were).


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