Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Not this way

Falluja it has to be dealt with, but not in this way, or maybe the calculations were not very accurate, the retaliation to the attack in Falluja in other part of Iraq were not calculated right but still there are no big problems that Considering the super American power against AK and RBG holders, the problem is whats boiling under the surface and waiting for the triger to explode is over whelming and very grave.
First of all using of some Iraqi troops in Falluja was not the right pick, especialy the core of these troops was mostly if not all Sheia and Kurdish, and you don't want to hit in this cord right now.

for many Iraqis they see Sheia and Kurdish packing an foreign occupier in killing Iraqi Sunni and that not what you want Iraqis to fail into if they didn't yet.

With many calls for revenge and attacks against Sheia and Kurdish started in many places, not coverted that much with the media but they are there, killing and beheading of Sheia and Kurdish is all over the place, and the conclusion of all this is that the decision of trying to put an symbolic Iraqi face to the American attack on Falluja was a stupid decision, and these Iraqi troops only secured the main Falluja hospital after, only after it was taken by the Americans and visibly they had no part in any actual combat in the city, especialy with there poor weapons that I can't understand why they don't get better equipment, probably the American think that their weapons are too suphisticated to the Iraqis.

well the Falluja attack could have been perfurmed in better way? probably, but the good deeds from it will not surplus the bad effect.

With the new video of the killing of an injured captured insurgent by an American soldier you can'd describe the rage that is going through the Iraqis right now.
That will lead only to more violance and blood, but obviously this accident is not an isolate accident for sure there are hundreds others but they are only not on camera and if you analysis it you see:

In day one (first video) a group of American soldiers entring a room with more than 20 dead bodies and five wounded people so what happened? they carry the dead ones with them and leave the wounded?? what?? OK OK they say they treated them and left them behind for others to pick up. that mean they wern't in hurry to finish a fight but they toke there time draging the bodies into black plastic bags then carring them to their vehicles and then drive away!!!

So after a whole day (secound video) when other soldiers came by and found the building, so they shot three of the wounded (off camera) and when more soldiers with a reporter came in they shot the fourth guy and they were very close of finishing the fifth.

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