Monday, January 31, 2005

The elections

Yesterday the Iraqis showed the world that they are tired and even the threat of being blown into peaces is not enough to prevent them from seeking a relief. Iraqis are tired from the life they are living and even death will be like a relief for them.

Now after they voted they expect something in return!!
from whom??

from the people that they voted for, of course.

will that happened?

The dream is that millions of Iraqi opened the door and 275 people will walk through to guide them into freedom, security, sovernity, and democracy.

from my expectation these 275 people will be an Iraqi mosaic. From the religion's mullah to a PhD holder, they have the duty of choosing an interim government and then write a constitution then the Iraqi will accept it or reject it. Sound like a long journey, but Iraqis don't have the choice not to walk it.


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